Laminated Film & Pouch

We manufacture an assortment of laminated film and pouches , made from high grade material, for food, agricultural, pharmaceutical and industrial products. Pouches are available in various sizes, shapes and materials, plain or printed up to 8 colors. Options include custom shaping according to your preferred style or design.

Retort Pouch

Retort pouch is a flexible laminated food package that can withstand high retort temperature up to 125℃. With extremely high barrier materials, it can provide extended shelf life for your product. Applicable for sauce, tuna, salmon, pet food and many other products that require long shelf life.


Retort Lidding Flim

Multilayer lidding film for cooked rice, tuna or any ready-to-eat meal products.

Flat Bottom Box Pouch

Flat bottom pouches are becoming a growing trend in pouch packaging. We offer various sizes of flat bottom pouches for different product applications such as coffee beans, flour, and any other products in powder or granules.

Resealable or Zipper Pouch

The resealable or zipper pouch allows to keep the freshness of the product longer. Ideal for products requiring daily use like coffee, milk powder, tea powder.

Industrial Bag

We can supply industrial anti-static bags for electric goods and heavy-duty bags

for fertilizers and pet food roducts.


Spout Pouch

Ideal packaging for liquid products like juice and other beverages,.

It can also best applied in shampoo and detergents.

 Microwavable Pouch

Microwavable pouch is a superior form of regular retort pouch.

It can be used in seafood, stew, meat, curry, rice, and other processed foods.

Aroma Valve Pouch

Equipped with aroma protection valve. The one-way valve allows gases to escape and keeping the aroma.

Great for coffee beans product.